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Process of Induction Mounting and Dismounting

What is Induction Mounting and Dismounting?

Bearings are machine part in which a shaft rotates, designed to diminish the friction between different parts and is subdivided into different types according to their shape or direction of motion like tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Induction heating is a safe, non-contact method for accurately heating electrically conductive materials, such as bearings. Bearing induction heating allows properly fitting bearings onto a shaft. The induction heating produces an oscillating electrical current that causes the bearing or metal to heat when placed in the device’s magnetic field.

Induction Heater for Mounting of Bearings 

Bearings with cylinder-shaped bores are generally mounted by pressing them on the shafts (press fit) or heating them to enlarge their width (shrink fit). Mountings of Bearings are particularly used on conveyors, in shaft connections, and mainly where extended lengths of shafting must be reinforced by housed units where the bearing is not secure by housing such as a transmission case. Induction Heater for Mounting of Bearings is perfect for mounting of bearings as it is use to preheat bearings to about 120 degrees C and after this it can simply mount the bearings on the shaft. During cooling, there is a solid shrink assembly between the shaft and the bearing.

Induction Heater for Dismounting of Bearings

Dismounting is the reverse method of bearing mounting and refers to the removal of ball bearings from a component. Bearings are occasionally dismounted to sustain or replace other mechanisms of the machine. Dismounting of Bearings systems and tools will help to prevent damage to other machine apparatuses like the shaft and housing that are frequently re–used. It is essential to dismount the bearing in a proper manner so that the service life of the replacement bearing is not negotiated. Induction Heater for Dismounting of Bearings allows you to heat the bearing rapidly and with great accuracy, deprived of heating the shaft thereby being able to lift.

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