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Induction Heaters for Mounting and Dismounting

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What is Induction Mounting and Dismounting?
Bearings are machine part in which a shaft rotates, designed to diminish the friction between different parts and is subdivided into different types according to their shape or direction of motion like tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Induction heating is a safe, non-contact method for accurately heating electrically conductive materials, such as bearings. Bearing induction heating allows properly fit bearings onto a shaft. The induction heating produces an oscillating electrical current that causes the bearing or metal to heat when placed in the device’s magnetic field.

Mounting bearings with induction heaters
Induction heating is ultimate for mounting bearings as they are used to preheat bearings to about 120 degrees C. After this you can easily mount the bearings on the shaft. During cooling, there is a strong shrink connection between the shaft and the bearing.

Dismounting bearings with induction heaters
Bearings have a restricted life span and therefore are required to be replaced every now and then. To do this, bearings are disassembled and the shrink connection is removed. To attain this, only the ball bearings are used and induction heating is used and not the shaft itself.

Induction Heaters for Mounting and Dismounting can improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of your heating process highly utilised for applications like mounting of bearings, dismounting of bearings, mounting of pinions, mounting of couplings, mounting of gears, dismounting of inner racer, dismounting of throwers, dismounting of tubes, rivet heating

Induction Heaters for Mounting and Dismounting

Types of Induction Heaters for Mounting and Dismounting offered by Precision Instruments & Allieds

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