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Induction Heaters for Forging & Hot Forming

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Induction forging is the use of an induction heater to preheat metal parts prior to deformation using a press or hammer. The benefits of induction forging are accurate heating patterns, fast heating cycles, and cores that remain relatively cold and stable. Induction forging has advantages over furnace forging as the speed and controllability of Induction forging ensures high throughput. Induction heating reduces oxidation and helps maintain metallurgical integrity. The constancy and reliability of induction make it ideal for integrating into automated production lines. Induction forging is also an energy-efficient process as heat is produced within the part as opposed to around it. The transmission of heat and energy is made much more efficient because the induction heating system only heats the work piece, not the atmosphere surrounding it. Metals commonly forged with Induction systems include brass, aluminium, copper, steel and stainless steel.

Types of Induction Heaters for Forging & Hot Forming offered by Precision Instruments & Allieds

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