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Induction soldering is an induction heating procedure in which two isolated parts are bonded together using a filler metal or other material. The filler metal can change depending on the other parts being joined, but the most common fillers for induction soldering include alloys such as tin-zinc, tin-silver, and tin-lead. The filler material has a lower melting point than the work pieces being joined together. Induction soldering heats the work pieces in an RF (radio frequency) field without making any physical contact with the parts. Induction heating is an excellent solution as it lets you regulate the process of soldering and avoid thermal stress. Soldering varies from brazing because it is performed at lower temperatures and preferable for some applications like small components.
Induction soldering can improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of your soldering process and are highly utilised for applications like soldering of copper capacitors, soldering of aluminium plate with glass block, soldering of brass valve and copper tubing, soldering copper wires to steel pins, soldering of copper wires to steel pins with induction heating, soldering rf cable to brass rivets on aluminium cups, soldering of an ac wire cable with wire feeder, soldering of an ac wire, soldering of electrode assembly, soldering of electrode assembly for pressure differential systems, soldering of brass capillary thermometer, soldering of copper cables to copper pins, soldering brass and steel parts, soldering copper tubing to brass valves, soldering copper heat pipes to pcb board, soldering steel tubes to brass, soldering brass part to steel plate, soldering wire to stainless steel frame, soldering brass tube to galvanized steel pans, soldering brass tubes to brass assembly with induction, soldering brass corner joint with induction, soldering coaxial cables to copper connectors, soldering cables to terminals with induction, soldering of electrical wires, soldering copper pins onto a pcb, soldering copper coaxial cable with copper connectors, solder end connectors to a pcb.
Induction Heater for Solder End Connectors to A Pcb

Types of Induction Heaters for Soldering offered by Precision Instruments & Allieds

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