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Induction hardening is a method used for the surface hardening of steel and other alloy components. The components to be heat treated are placed inside a copper coil and then heated above their transformation temperature by applying an AC to the coil. The AC current in the coil produces an alternating magnetic field within the workpiece which causes the outer surface of the part to heat to a temperature above the transformation range. The parts then followed by immediate quenching. Induction hardening is an electromagnetic procedure using a copper inductor coil, which is fed a current at a specific frequency and power level. The hardening process is utilized to increase surface hardness, wear resistance, and fatigue life through formation of a hardened surface layer while maintaining an unaffected core microstructure. Induction hardening is exceptional at restoring field failures, improvements in strength, fatigue and wear resistance in a localised area without having to redesign the component.
Induction Heat Treating is an induction heating process that provides specific targeted heating of metals by electromagnetic induction as this process relies on induced electrical currents within the material to create heat and is the favoured method utilised to harden, bond, or soften metals or other conductive materials. Induction Heat Treating offers a beneficial combination of speed, consistency and control and is cost-effective heating method for applications which involve joining, heating, treating, and materials testing. Induction heat treating, done by well-regulated use of an electrically heated coil, permits you to select the best physical characteristics for not only each metal part—but for each section on that metal component. Induction hardening gives superior durability to bearing journals and shaft sections without sacrificing the ductility necessary to handle shock loads and vibration. You can harden internal bearing surfaces and valve seats in intricate parts without creating distortion problems. This means that you are able to harden or anneal specific areas for durability and ductility in ways that will best serve your needs.
Induction Hardening & Heat Treating can improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of your heating process highly utilised for applications for Hardening & Heat Treating of stress relieving welding joints, nuts, bolts, fasteners, billet heating, heat staking of metallic and plastic components, pipe heating, pipe coating, induction hardening for gears, induction hardening for shafts, induction hardening for valves seats, induction hardening for connection rods, induction hardening for piston rods, transmission parts, cv joints, tulips, axle shafts, shock absorber rods, springs, suspension arms, clutch springs, brake pads.
Induction Hardening for Connection Rods

Types of Induction Heaters for Hardening & Heat Treating offered by Precision Instruments & Allieds

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