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Induction Heaters for Curing & Coating

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Induction Curing comprises whereas induction heating is utilised to catalyse or initiate a chemical and molecular level structural change in a polymeric material such as phenolics, epoxies, polyesters, and silicones. These polymeric materials are applied to several base products for protective coating, sealing, insulation and other uses. Induction Curing delivers an enhanced solution for adhesive curing than hot fan curing, air curing, or curing in large ovens which must be run continuously.
Induction curing can improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of your heating process highly utilised for applications like coating, pipe coating, quartz chip to a steel cylinder curing, steel bar curing for the automotive industry, epoxy curing, steel cylinder prior to epoxy curing, carbon steel pipe for epoxy curing, curing of a stainless-steel cylinder, steel knives with induction coating, temperature using induction curing, etc.
Induction Heater for Carbon Steel Pipe for Epoxy Curing

Types of Induction Heaters for Curing & Coating offered by Precision Instruments & Allieds

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