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Induction Brazing is a materials joining method which uses a filler metal to join two pieces of close-fitting metal together without melting the base materials. In its place, induced heat melts the filler, which is then drawn into the base materials by capillary action. Induction Brazing joints are exceptionally strong.
What are the advantages of induction brazing?
Induction brazing can join a vast range of metals, even ferrous to non-ferrous and is ideal for integrating into production lines. Induction brazing is precise and quick for narrow areas that need to be heated leaving neighbouring areas and materials unaffected. Correctly brazed joints are strong, leak-proof and corrosion resistant. Induction brazing is also immaculate needing no further grinding, milling or finishing. Induction brazing is ideal for integrating into production lines. Induction brazing is normally used in the electro technical industry to braze generator and transformer components like rings, bars, strands, wires and SC-rings. Induction brazing is also used to braze fuel pipes and AC and brake parts for the automotive industry. Induction brazing heating delivers reliable, non-contact, repeatable, and energy-efficient heat in a nominal amount of time and is proficient of heating very small areas within precise production tolerances, without disturbing individual metallurgical characteristics.
Induction brazing can improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of your heating process highly utilised for applications like carbon steel gas filters brazing, aluminium assemblies brazing, brass fitting to a copper tube brazing, stainless steel pipes brazing, copper tubing brazing, copper heat exchanger fittings brazing, air-cooled heat exchanger brazing, compressor copper fittings brazing, soldered copper pipes to copper fittings brazing, brass valve assembly brazing, steel tanks brazing, copper exchanger pipes brazing, automated induction brazing of heat exchangers brazing, stainless steel brazed tubing brazing, brazing of stainless steel joints brazing, brazing of copper steel brazing, aluminium pipes brazing, copper, brass and stainless steel parts brazing, aluminium radiators brazing, brazing magnetic steel parts brazing, copper wires brazing, aluminium evaporator brazing, aluminium condenser connections brazing, brake linings brazing, fuel injection pipes brazing, short-circuit rings brazing.

Induction Heater for Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Brazing

Types of Induction Heaters for Brazing offered by Precision Instruments & Allieds

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